00 hour after-sales service
  • 24-hour after-sales service

  • Regular return visits by sales representatives

  • Technicians answer questions free of charge

  • Free operator training

  • Perfect service process

  • Decades of technical precipitation and experience accumulation

  • Large imported equipment and automatic production line for garage

  • International leading well-known brand PLC control system

  • Scientific management system and product certification

We promise to have professional engineers to provide you with high-quality product solutions and technical guidance. There is a perfect service process for designing parking solutions. We have a skilled after-sales service team, professional engineers will personally analyze the problem and supervise. This ensures that the issue is properly resolved every time.

Solemnly Promise Users

1. The company promises “timely maintenance service”. After understanding the failure of the equipment, ensure that the fault is eliminated in time within the agreed time.

2. If parts and electrical components are damaged during the free maintenance period, the company is responsible for replacing them free of charge. (Except for fault maintenance caused by human and force majeure factors.)

3. After the free repair period expires, we promise to provide users with subsequent replacement parts at a preferential price.

4. The company provides users with high product quality insurance to ensure that users can use it with confidence and worry fee.

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