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PSH Three Floor Lifting And Horizontal Parking Equipment

Safety devices

1. Anti-fall device, to prevent abnormal fall of the platform and ensure the safety of the vehicle.

2. People and vehicles mistakenly enter the alarm device, to prevent damage to the car and people when the equipment is running.

3. The superelevation detection safety device will give an alarm when an superelevation vehicle enters the platform, and the equipment cannot continue to operate to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

4. The emergency power-off safety device, it can cut off the power in time in case of safety problems during use, prevent the continuous operation of the equipment and protect the safety of equipment and vehicles.

5. Power off self-locking protection device, if the power is cut off, the platform will stop in its original position and will not suddenly descend, to ensure the safety of vehicles on the platform.

Equipment advantages

1. This equipment is all steel structure components, which can be used for outdoor open space parking, canopy can be erected, and the periphery can be decorated to increase aesthetics. External can be used as advertising.
2. It is driven by motor chain and driven by steel wire rope, with low noise and stable operation.
3. Compared with ordinary parking lots, there is no need for ramps, saving cost and space, and maximizing land utilization.